JJ Swift and Austin Wilde live show GIFs

These guys have some serious chemistry. I personally didn’t think JJ Swift would be able to handle Austin Wilde’s rough sex, but boy was I wrong. I’ll have you know JJ appeared to tire Austin out! Austin was pounding away and JJ enjoyed every pump. After amazing sex, they both blew big cum loads! This had to be one of if not our best LIVE show ever! Better then most gay porn out there, just marvelous.

Now available for download in the members section.

jj swift austin wilde gayhoopla

jj swift austin wilde gayhoopla

jj swift austin wilde 1

jj swift austin wilde 2

jj swift austin wilde 3

jj swift austin wilde 4

jj swift austin wilde 5

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jj swift austin wilde 8

4 replies on “JJ Swift and Austin Wilde live show GIFs

  1. Everybody know that I am an unconditional fan of JJ and when he joined your site I was surprise ; I become a member only to follow him. But now, after a few months I understand his move and I am very glad that he did it, because you create an environment where he is able to reveal all his capabilities: it shows that he is happy working with you. Yesterday was the confirmation of a star: in front of the audience he explodes.
    You are a young site and there is always room for improvements. I think where you have to work is on the technical quality of your video; if you compare it with top notch sites like Bel Ami or Corbin Fisher, they surpass you.

  2. Everything you said was true. The best thing by far of everything GayHoopla has produced. The chemistry between those gays was palpable. They gave award-worthy performances. I’m sure oceans of essence were released by the members. Dormon has a point about the technical quality, but that has improved as well, and comparing GH to BelAmi & CF is comparing apples and oranges. They’re slickly photographed, we’re on live cams. I was fine with the camera work last night for the most part. Live will always be live. There will be slip-ups, but essentially the cams got all the major action. Whoops, I’m rambling again. Good job. I want to see a rematch with JJ topping Austin. Please make it happen.

  3. This was the best live duo scene I have ever had the fortune of seeing. Actually, it was the best duo scene I have ever watched – live or recorded. The fact that it was live made it more fun but the raw sexuality on display was so intense that it put big budget films to shame. This is now the standard that all sites will be judged upon!

  4. This was a great scene in terms of the models and their enthusiasm. Also very impressive in terms of how quickly the clip was posted. But Dorman has a point in terms of the video’s technical quality. Why not hire someone who actually knows how to use a video camera, knows how to light a scene and who actually understands gay sex and how to film it. They guys currently operating the cameras fail on all of those points.


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